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Aug '13

Popular Foods Enjoyed By A Younger Generation in Turkey

Turkish cuisine has a long history and is respected worldwide. Because of the country’s location, Turkish food is often an interesting combination of eastern and western influences.

Meat, onions, tomatoes and spices play a big role in many traditional Turkish dishes. Here are a few foods that the younger generations of Turkey especially enjoy.

Lahmacun is a sort of Turkish pizza, easy to eat on the go and not very expensive. It’s typically made from a round, flat dough with various toppings, usually minced (more…)

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Jun '13

Style of Housing Found on Crete, Greece

Greeks are justifiably proud of their long history, and the citizens of Crete in particular have much of which to be proud. This respect for history is reflected in the architectural style of housing on Crete. Because the region is rocky, stone houses predominate. The thick stone walls provide protection against frequent earthquakes. They also serve as natural insulation against the warm Mediterranean sun.

The floor plans in typical homes are open and airy. There (more…)

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Apr '13

The Black Sand Beaches Of Greece

Are you the type of person who enjoys the unique destinations and unusual attractions? For a refreshing change of pace, try the black sand beaches of Santorini Island. The eastern side of the Greek island has three black sand beaches, Kamari, Monilithos and Perissa. The black sand contrast beautifully with the deep blue water; photographer will be in heaven

Blue Flag Kamari Beach has everything you will need, including umbrellas, sun chairs and water sports to enjoy the back sand and clear water. If you are bringing small children with you to Kamari Beach, be aware that many (more…)

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Jun '12

More About The Social Classes of Greece

More About The Social Classes Of Greece

Greece’s social classes are dominated by the rich and poor and are dependent upon social status, occupation, areas of living and family rank. There are a myriad of determining factors to one’s social class distinction in Greece today. There is a very important and socially conscious aesthetic of power that is placed upon those who own businesses and are not underneath the power of other people. For example, working for oneself is considered a powerful and socially advantageous distinction. The main (more…)

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Nov '11

Are There Nude Beaches In Greece

There are a few nude beaches in Greece. The first nude beach is the Paradise Beach. The Paradise Beach is located in Mykonos, Greece. This is one of the most popular beaches so it is usually very crowded. But this fact can make it very intimidating to a person who is doing this for the first time. The second nude beach is the Red Beach. The Red Beach is known for its sand. This is because it has a reddish look to it.I was looking for more information and found it here. This is a (more…)

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Nov '11

Local Island Tours On Neighboring Greek Islands

There are so many different types of island tours that you can take part in if you ever want to visit the Greek islands. This is just one of those memories that you will always have in the back of your mind because it is just that amazing. You’ll treasure if for many years to come. You can experience the islands at a very affordable price. The best thing to do is to basically log on to the website and find (more…)

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Nov '11

Visit Local Night Clubs On Crete, Greece

There are millions of tourists who go to Crete, Greece every year for different reasons. There are a few who go to Crete to discover its ancient beauty, while there are some people who go to this city for the simple reason that they want to experience the nightlife.

If you are traveling to the towns of Rethymno or Iraklio, you are very fortunate because there is an abundance of bars, clubs, and pubs in those towns. On (more…)

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Oct '11

More Ways to Travel Deeper

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and there’s more than one way to travel abroad. If you want more from your travels than the highlights you’ve seen on direct TV take a few tips from us on getting off the beaten path.

Hire a Local: In many countries, locals are happy to show you around and take you to really (more…)

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Jul '11

Local Customs To Know In Crete, Greece

Eating the local food in a country is one of the divine pleasures of travel. By being knowledgeable about a country’s eating customs, you may escape a few embarrassing moments. The people of Crete enjoy family, friends, and food. With just a little bit of research you may leave your dining experience with some new friends.

Eating is a shared experience. Plates of food are ordered for the table to be enjoyed by all. Utensils are often ignored for the more practical fingers. Eating is (more…)

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Jul '11

The Local Flavor of Greek Restaurants

If you plan on taking a vacation to Greece, then no trip is complete without dining and getting a feel for the flavor of Greek food. If you can’t go to Greece, then Greece can come to you. There are plenty of Greek restaurants in your local area. The myriad of Greek cuisines are a treat that you simply do not want to miss.

Pita bread is used in most Greek dishes. Many types of meals can be made from this simple bread. Some examples include pita burgers (more…)

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